Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16: Day 2.

What do I miss most about my old house? My king size bed. Definitely the king size bed. My amazingly comfortable bed complete with pillow top. I could weep just thinking about it. What are we sleeping on right now? The crappy old double bed mattress dragged down from our 3rd floor guestroom (penance for always telling our guests "oh yeah, it's a great up there - you get the best sleep!" How my husband and I shared this for the first many years of our relationship is beyond me, especially when I factor in that my oldest son would climb into our bed virtually every night for the first 5 years of his life. We're are going to be crippled by the time the reno is over. And I'm counting the nights - only 177 to go!

I asked my friend Pat how many nights can one person go without sleep - I'm at 4 nights (coincidentally, I've just spent 4 nights on the crappy mattress with my husband and cat) and am feeling a little bit manic. I don't think anyone's noticed, except perhaps for the small breakdown at work. She said that according to Survivor, 69. Pat's obviously lying too me, not wanting to see me cry.

The rain started in yesterday morning and continued the entire day but the demo crew perservered. The garage is completely gone and fortunately they were able to move inside the house. When I stopped in enroute to the school, I took a bit of a tour. The 2nd floor bathroom has been gutted (knob & tube wiring dangling everywhere - great, we had been told the wiring had been updated when we bought the house nearly 7 years ago) and so has my sons' bedroom.

First added expense: the original truck wasn't able to fit through the back alley leading to our garage to drop off the extra large size bin for dumping so instead 2 smaller ones (smaller truck) have been dropped off at double the price. To compensate for this I had 2 glasses of red wine after experiencing a small anxiety attack over the immmense cost of the entire project.

Unfortunately because I had to rush from work to the school, I didn't have a chance to pick up my camera so I have no pictures today. Just imagine a really big mess.

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