Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jakob and I are in Edmonton - visiting Thomas, Susan, Noah and the latest addition to the family: Maya.

The plane ride was uneventful - for the first bit, until Jakob became bored with the novelty of his very first plane ride ever and decided he was going to throw up which had the flight attendants in a tizzy. He didn't throw up...but did score more 7-Up than anyone else on the flight. Smart little cookie that one.

My Mother is here too - which made me question whether this was an ideal time to visit knowing her love of children, especially MY children.

Mom is currently obsessing about the Medicentre. When can she go? Will they give her a requisition? A requisition for what? I ask. My bloodwork! she yells at me. She's been absolutely miserable since I arrived. Cheering up only when dangling chocolate desserts in front of her.

Despite that, I am having a fabulous time. Thomas and I saw the BodyWorld exhibit yesterday and it was fantastic. I can't upload pictures right now but check out the link:

We're off to Fort Edmonton and I hear the sounds of Mom on the stairs coming for the computer!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm standing in my pajamas, munching on strawberries and drinking coffee. Thinking that in one hour I need to be packed, showered and ready to head out to the airport for the flight to Edmonton.

But man...I HATE packing. I really HATE packing.

The following are a few pictures from when we were climbing the rocks in Grand Falls - another of my favourite things to do and see while there. to refill my coffee cup and start PACKING. Jesus.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Returned from Grand Falls NB today and I have to post pictures of my most favourite place in the entire town before heading off to/collapsing into that I have found my toothbrush.

Yep...that's a potato.

We had a fabulous visit and I will write a more fulfilling update tomorrow.

Monday, Jakob and I fly off to Edmonton (I'm a little nervous - Noah will NEVER be the same after complete corruption by Jakob - sorry Thomas, you've been warned) where we will meet the newest addition to our family - Maya, one of my favourite names, one of my favourite poets.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aging like a fine wine or in Dave's case a good bottle of rum.

40 years old today.

A bit disconcerting considering they're the youngest in the family and have now entered into a new decade. Makes rounding down my age a bit difficult...looks like my only recourse is total avoidance of the number now. You'd think they would be a little more respectful of their slightly older sister!

To Thomas and Dave - wishing you both a fantastic 40th birthday, year and decade. The world became a better place the day you were born.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Arthur has kidney disease, Jakob now is the proud owner of his first pair of glasses (a parent's nightmare when the owner is all of 6!), Eve just fell down William's stairs and I have drank more rose than a responsible adult should on a work night. So let's just sit back and enjoy the view from Kim's cottage and me kissing a lobster.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm back from my near week-long trip to Nova Scotia with Satchel...and we had a fabulous time!

Though Satchel was a victim of my nostalgia with me dragging him through the streets of Halifax saying "Look Satchel, there's my old school, there's my apartment, there's where Daddy and I had our first date...and oh look, where we used to suck back milkshakes that were so loaded with blueberries that they would plug our straws! Isn't this fabulous!"

You can imagine the eye rolling but he was so incredibly patient as he searched out stores that just might carry Yugioh cards and transformers in the hope of saving his sanity while I nattered on. His peace of mind was finally found for $30 at Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth.

I forgot how much I loved downtown Halifax.

We took a tour of the Corvette Sackville from WWII (the last remaining in North America but I noticed I was hearing that a lot while there, this is the LAST _____ in North America!) and while on the ship met a man named Peter who had fought with the US Navy during WWII and on a Corvette so very patiently told us everything there was to know about it and also what it was like to see action during the war.

Satchel and I took a whale watching tour but as is my luck saw no whales, only a lobster and crab plus a lot of seagulls trying for scraps.

After 4 days we left Halifax and moved on to Kim & Scott's cottage which will be my next posting.

Flying Porter - absolutely fantastic, I only want to fly with them from now own. If only they would expand their destinations! Satchel was very excited.

Pictures taken on the harbourfront.

Entrance to NSCAD.

The entrance to Point Pleasant Park.

The entrance to Paul's and my apartment on Victoria.

Having dinner at Pedlars Pub - where Paul and I had our first date. Before catching the classic film that carried the catching line: Don't Bury Me - I'm Not Dead Yet!