Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Note: I have no idea why yesterday's AND TODAY'S picture is showing up in negative form but it really is driving me insane.

The addition is now a distant memory and I feel like popping champagne to celebrate!

It took just over a week to take down a garage, a deck and half a house.

I love that it's gone - it was such a piece of crap. The sub-contractor told me that the kitchen was originally a back porch - and considering Paul was intimately familiar with the crawl space below (major skunk problem when we first moved it), it wasn't a surprise. It's insane that everything was so poorly done, I doubt that one owner before us actually took proper responsibility for the place. I don't think I ever mentioned the ridiculous braces that were holding the back end on since it started to separate from the original house soon after it had been erected.

So Jakob, who is just over 4, is driving me crazy. He's going through something (tantruming, yelling, bad words - I'm telling strangers that he has Tourette's and it can't be helped) and perhaps it's encouraged by the move and renovation of our home but I'm threatening to sell him on ebay. He's very cute, I'm sure I could get a good price. I'll even throw in the cat, which thank God has stopped the vomiting. I swear the cat is bulimic, but he's 14 and really should accept who he is.

Another fab shot of the back by Kim:

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