Monday, May 22, 2006

I met my first crazy neighbour today (unfortunately lives right beside me) who complained bitterly about the hell the neighbourhood has been put through with the renters of our house over the past 4 years. The prostitution! The drugs! The alcohol! The vomiting every 2 weeks! And to not be surprised if the neighbours treat us coldly because it really has been horrible for them. I was a bit surprised that considering I accidently rented into what is clearly Sodom and Gomorra, the house is in terrific condition.

Finally, crazy people aside, I have pictures to attach! I swung by the house today with my friend Pat and camera in tow. The other upside is that I stopped by a little yard sale and picked up an Ouija board! I haven't played since my childhood friend used to terrorize me in her basement with it. I can't wait to continue the tradition with Satchel - he's going to love it.

First the back of the house complete with very pretty port o' pot.

The kitchen:

The bathroom:

Pat in the bathroom:

Finally, scary basement (a bit blurry):

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