Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not much happening today at the old homestead. The addition has been completely torn off so now the crew is cleaning up.

I thought the excavation was supposed to begin this week but I have a feeling that tomorrow will be an easy day spent cleaning up the last of the rubble with Monday starting the dig. Not that I've heard from the contractor this week - specifically about the foundation. Should I be worried? Will it help me lose another few ounces?

I noticed in my bank account that the first payment to John has been withdrawn. The cheque was for such a great amount that I couldn't write the number on one line, it had to kind of wrap around on to an invisible second line. I stopped breathing when I saw that huge amount taken out of my bank account. Fortunately I ran into my friend Lauraine who twisted my rubber arm and we ended up on Hemingway's patio for wine spritzers, enabling me to master the breathing process again.

Pat and I pondered how do the obscenely rich write cheques with all those numbers? Fairy dust.

My boys are pretending to kill each other with matchbox tracks. Today I asked the daycare that Jake goes to if they had any spare baby girls just hanging around. You know if there's one left over, just give me a call. I'm desperate.

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