Saturday, May 20, 2006

No house news today.

Jake and I hung out together while Paul & Satchel went to the driving range with his brothers. We went for a walk with the wagon, took a look at bathroom fixtures at Vienna Douglas and then I managed to sneak Jakob into a traditional barber for a trim. The mess of blonde curls is gone and instead a little boy has emerged. He looks so different. I felt like we had stepped backwards in time with Jakob sitting on a wooden plank while the barber clipped away. Even the cash register looked 50 years old with buttons and a crank.

After the barber, we walked over to Loblaws to get some flowers for the new garden (at our rental pad) and Jakob threw the biggest tantrum. Yelling, crying, thrashing, screaming idiot and stupid at the flowers (and the people). He was such a joy. Kept trying to smash flowers with the arm on the wagon. I really just wanted to squeeze him hard, really hard. But I didn't. Well maybe a little bit but he didn't notice with all the screaming. Instead I scooped him up and carried him over to the parking lot curb until he calmed down. Then put all the flowers back on the shelves since he would have tossed them out of the wagon anyway. We walked to the other plant/flower place, which was blocks away, with him promising he wouldn't cry. That this was the place he wanted to go to all along since it was the place we always went to.

As soon as we got there - he cried.

I'm hoping this is just an unbearable stage that will pass soon, because he's really not that much fun to be around right now. He's lucky he's cute.

After returning home, we got out the gardening gear and pulled an entire recycling bag of weeds out of the stamp size front lawn and planted the 6 flowers we picked up at Fiesta Farms. The neighbours nodded approvingly saying it's been a mess for years. They also ran over in concern when I picked up a bunch of leaves that were close to becoming compost in the corner of the garden to find at least a thousand bugs...and I screamed.

I hate bugs, especially when there seems to be thousands of them.

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