Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday, May 19

I'm over the drama of the crumbling foundation but am again very encouraged, I must have shed at least 1 pound after that episode!

Of course I have no idea how much building a new foundation is going to add to the renovation in cost and time, but will find out next week from John, our contractor. He's loathe to even guesstimate at this point, saying we'd either walk away very depressed, or happy & relieved only to be devastated later...he'll just wait until he has an actual figure.

I took a tour around the house today with John. My neighbour stopped by so I invited her in for a look. She commented that it looks more like a stage set then our house. It is hard to believe that not 2 weeks ago this was our home. Shackles would be perfect in the basement! Paul came through - his first time since Monday and was amazed at everything that was gone.

There was a big fire at one point in the kitchen with blackened beams still showing the evidence. And many different styles of linoleum layered on the floor. Nice. The demo guys flung the bathtub from the 2nd floor to the ground, I loved seeing that - I always hated that bathtub. Why would anyone buy a big metal box where you can't lay back and relax in? Insane, cheap people who hate baths - that's who. Dirty cheap crazy people.

One of the demo guys found a 1919 penny with King George on the back - I kind of wanted to grab it from him but I restrained myself. He looked like he might have broken down.

Tonight we were invited to a BBQ at a friend's house, we are celebrating the selling of her house and her moving back to Connecticut where her family lives. A bitter sweet time, we'll miss her very much but it is a change she has been looking forward to for a very long time. I brought chilled champagne and cookies to contribute - really what more does a girl need? After many hours of drinking and eating and laughing (gaining back the 1+ pound from stress), we stumbled home. Weird movies from the 80's kept up in conversation, movies like Liquid Sky & Diva. Diva I loved, saw it during my highschool trip to New York City and still enjoy seeing it occasionally. Liquid Sky saw too many times at a rep theatre in London Ontario. Weird film - I kept flashing to a corpse, his nose, a girl, aliens, psychedelic colours...drugs...

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