Tuesday, May 30, 2006


record high temperatures + TTC strike = increased gas prices and a lot of bitter sweaty people on the street.

Paul and I stopped by the house but it was locked up tight and dark. I don't think anything was done yesterday. I think we're still waiting for the results from the engineer on the foundation before starting to dig. The gas people were busy working on the front of the house installing an outside meter. They had better not harm our tree, the tree we had to pay the city $1,400 to ensure we don't damage it during the renovation. The tree/$1,400 that decreased my life by at least 2 years because of how angry I was that that the city was going to hold us hostage and not release the permits to build unless we paid them the money - which they should pay us back if they determine the tree was left unharmed during the reno.


Paul spoke to John and it turns out that the front foundation will have to be replaced because the front of our house is brick. This wIll increase the budget by...who knows!?. But the upside says Paul is they will have to dig the basement down another 6" or so which gives us more headspace (++) but will also cost even more money (--).

My mom read my blog for the first time and told me that I drink too much wine and should become a vegetarian. I think the heat must be getting to her.

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