Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm sitting in my kitchen, head in hand, watching the rain (and yes, typing on my computer) and listening to all the children of various shapes and sizes make noise upstairs.

I'm STILL sick. I broke free from work an hour early to race home hoping for a quick nap but instead found all the children starving and was forced to make grilled cheese sandwich after grilled cheese sandwich. And I'm expecting more people because my biggest personal flaw is an inability to say NO. Unless it has to do with with money - if you need money well don't come to me, because I ain't got any. But I will remember you if I win the lottery. Promise.

This is how I know I'm not well, because as Paul gave up on Xbox, I can't play my guitar. The poor darling is sitting quietly in the corner feeling utterly rejected and starting to gather dust. As useful as a goldfish.

And I'm eating suspicious cake which I have loaded with whip cream. Totally unlike me.

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