Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love craigslist. I finally made the decision to buy the Quinn rug from Pottery Barn ( that I have been obsessing about for months and on a whim typed the name into craigslist only to find a nearly brand new one in the exact colour and size being offered up. And it was posted on my birthday which meant that it truly was destined to be mine!

And it is now in my living room.

Jakob says it looks like a million marshmallows.

New rules now apply to the living room: No eating or drinking ANYTHING except on that little wooden strip of flooring. The end.

Honestly, if the makers of the Twilight movie series ever needed a little boy vampire, Jakob would be perfect. Especially after he drinks a cream soda turning his lips bright red.

Jakob is now on day 5 of his antibiotics and doing so much better. The rabid-moose bellow has not been heard in days - lucky for him...

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Alexandra Bill said...

I came across your blog entry from googling the Quinn Rug. Can you tell me how the shedding is? I know it should be bad for the first few months, but has it subsided? I LOVE this rug, but there are tons of posts online about it shedding more than a multitude of big white dogs :(