Monday, April 27, 2009

It is so beautiful today! So why am I blogging?

Because I can't stop staring at my new rug!

The downside to my beautiful new rug is that I am now stressed at work thinking that at any moment one of my evil cats will be yacking up a football-size fur ball, but mostly preoccupied with how horrible my curtains look and how tired the furniture is (but I can't buy new furniture yet, the kids won't let me have nice furniture...yet), and that finding a console table for our tv has been upgraded to urgent!

But other than those tiny matters, if I just focus on my rug and nothing else, I am blissfully happy.

Now to do something incredibly indulgent - I am going to open a corona and take my guitar and practice on the back steps. My even pop a slice of lime into the bottle.

And not-so-silently curse my guitar instructor who blew off my lesson on Sunday. How am I ever going to join a band by the age of 50 if he's not here helping me reach that goal? Good thing I have quite a few years ahead of me.

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