Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 12 year old went to see a movie yesterday with his 12 year old friends, driven by one of their parents. Life is becoming tricky with 12 year olds because it seems the days of knowing what they are up to and what they are thinking are fast becoming history.

For example the movie. I said sure go with your friends, it's your last day of the long weekend plus I THOUGHT they were going to see Fast and Furious...a stupid movie made to appeal to the changing brains of 12 year old boys. But no, they went and saw Observe and Report, a movie that passes date rape off as a sex scene. And how did they even get in to see it? It's rated 18A, Satchel's friend is barely taller than Jakob, and they paid child admission prices!

Now I need to talk to Satchel about the film and its mistreatment of social issues and women, I would like to call the theatre to find out how they determine whether children are old enough to see inappropriate movies and, this will horrify Satchel and his friends, I'm going to email the parents of the other kids to let them know what kind of movie their kids saw in case they would like to talk to them about the content.

What a weekend - no wonder I had an anxiety attack yesterday which Jakob bore most of the brunt of. My headcold was severe on Friday, we attended a funeral on Saturday (another post will have to detail how much fun it was for me to take family out for a drink after Uncle Sam's funeral only to have one half on one side of me not talking to the other half on the other side of me, and my Mom not talking at all - but at least she knew who I was!), fabulous friends came for dinner Saturday night, Sunday was all about bunnies and chocolate and champagne and orange juice.

Thank God Pat came over yesterday afternoon and made me laugh so hard I nearly spewed white wine spritzer through my nose, a feat only made possible in the past by Bobbles. I may have to marry her.

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Lintberg said...

Man, I'm so glad Alex is not quite 3. It may be exhausting, but lacks some of your ...um...complexity.