Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yesterday while at Remenyi House of Music looking at music books that I am not even close to having the ability to play, a man who had the smell and appearance of a street person also looked at books. After leafing through a few he moved on to the pianos and while standing began to play so beautifully a song I had never heard before. And then he began to sing with absolute confidence and in a voice that gave me no doubt he should be someone I recognize. Initially a salesperson advanced on him and then stopped, listened and stood smiling.

A rare day because it was also so beautiful outside, a respite from the cold that never seems to want to let up and leaves so many of us curled up in the fetal position hiding from the world.

What also made the day insanely special was that Jakob after terrorizing Hamish by chasing him through the house yelling "clod hopper to destiny!" - WHAT?! - sat down at the island and wrote me a fabulous story designed to shake me to the very core with fear called World vs. Vampiers (sic).

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