Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So 21 years ago today, Paul and I had our first date - spontaneously heading over to Pedlars for $1.99 pizza and salad with a pint of beer...only to be joined by Ian. The boy who made up words in Art History and would have many strips verbally torn off him at each class.

It's amazing we survived the first few weeks of dating - most of our dates were thwarted. If not by Alan & Dave then by Inge...or perhaps just bad movie choices. Movies with tag lines such as Don't Bury Me, I'm Not Dead Yet!

In other words, absolute classics.

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Anonymous said...

Don't Bury me... was a great movie!
Right up there with the other classics we saw like Rambo and Top Secret!
21 years?
You met Paul when you were 10?
Wonder what ever happened to Inge, the gestapo princess?