Monday, February 09, 2009

Coraline was fantastic! (And so was the pint of Irish ale before hand which unfortunately led Paul to falling asleep for a short nap during the movie.) The film was dark, but not quite as dark as the book. And I truly believe that most children love darker stories - especially if the ongoing popularity of Brothers Grimm is any indication, and tales shared by girlfriends as their favourite stories of childhood...and then good lord what my sister and I used to do to our barbie dolls! Children are twisted and slightly disturbed.

The 3D effect was incredible, Jakob sat on the edge of his seat through the entire film and I would catch his hands waving in front of him, trying to touch whatever was floating out of the screen towards us. We were even forced to sit through the credits, something he normally has no patience for, because the 3D animation continued. And what a relief that the cardboard glasses with red and blue lenses are now a relic of the past and replaced by funky black plastic sunglasses which Jakob took proudly to school.


Anonymous said...

Do the new glasses still have those red and blue coloured lenses?
Needless to say I think 3.D movies are a complete scam as they never seem to work.

Meg said...

It's amazing the advancement with 3D or RealD as they describe the effect. The glasses are black frames (a little Tom Cruise from Risky Business or late 70s/early 80s punk scene), black lenses with slight concave. Works really well!