Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jakob's in a mood today.

I picked him up from school and he told me that his day sucked, two periods of gym. Tomorrow's going to suck too, just to forewarn me I guess, two periods of gym AND a dance-a-thon. Plus Friday is PAJAMA day...and just so I know, he's boycotting that whole thing. No way is he wearing pajamas.

And the snack I brought? SUCKS. Not eating it. And it's not like I brought him vegetables, no sir, I brought him little organic chocolate cookies with a soft chocolate centre. Man that kid is high maintenance.

Plus to make the day even more miserable he told his whole class that he had diarrhea on the plane.

M: The plane? When we flew to Edmonton?

J: Yes.

M: And how did the kids react?

J: One girl laughed.

M: Oh.

J: And that was really rude of her because it's not funny when you have diarrhea on an airplane.

M: Though it was pretty sweet when all the flight attendants loaded you up on ginger ale afterward!

J: Yeah that was good. And remember all the episodes of Family Guy I got to watch?

M. Yeah, about and Satchel are banned from watching Family Guy.

J: This is the worst day EVER!

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Ooooh I love the new photograph.