Sunday, February 08, 2009

Life is irritating me.

I have been blown off by my guitar instructor. He slept in, can't make it over today.

I had to "talk" (code for yell) to Jakob this morning because he loves saying incredibly inappropriate things to his 7 year old friends (his best friend slept over last night), thinking that he is hilarious but truly having no idea what he's saying. And the diatribes are not funny, they're obscene and if his little friends run home and tell their parents what Jakob says, friends will ever be allowed over to our house again, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if CAS shows up knocking at our door.

And our "beloved" (again code for total opposite of) contractor is also blowing us off with promises of coming to our house to determine how much time is needed to fix the last few things which should have been completed over a year ago but then doesn't contact us again until Paul emails him with "where the #@*&$ are you?!?!". that was the very definition of a run-on sentence and shows exactly how pissed off I am.

But why are people not honoring their commitments and obligations? Where is their sense of pride? Did the concept of work ethic fall apart in the 70s?

Perhaps seeing Coraline this afternoon will put me in better spirits. Jakob and I just finished ready the book together and it is fabulous and dark. When I heard they were making a movie of the story I was incredibly excited - long being a Neil Gaiman fan and reading the story to Satchel when he was small. Maybe a pint in a pub beforehand too...

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