Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My valentine present (minus the crazy person) from my darling husband:

The stress of sitting still for nearly 10 seconds almost made Jakob's head pop.


My belated valentine's gift to you: DO NOT SEE PINK PANTHER 2, otherwise known as the film that completely destroyed Steve Martin's career. It will lead to excessive head banging against concrete structures and the damage to your children by the long stream of cursing over the $40+ spent to see such crap...well, the poor little things will have not only lost their innocence but may never get over the trauma.


Anonymous said...

Noah was bugging me to take him to PP2. Kept putting it off. From all reports I am glad I did. Doubt it will even make the rental list.

Anonymous said...

I think I heard the "POP" all the way out hear. At first I thought it was an atmospheric disturbance. Jakob and his might powers (verbal and otherwise) continue to amaze me.