Friday, May 16, 2008

We might be buying a new car! And it's all I can think about! Anything asked of me gets the response "we might be buying a new car!" and then I clench my fists, jump up and down, and make a high pitched eee-ing noise.

But I am nothing if not sentimental and know that if this does happen - this BUYING A NEW CAR, and one that does NOT have me pumping the tires with a bicycle pump or constantly nagging Paul with "did you inflate the tires? DID YOU!?" - I know that I will shed tears when we finally part ways.

We bought this car off my brother Bob 9 years ago when Satchel was all of 2 and it has been fabulous - outside of the really obnoxious flat-tire-every-5-days thing - but who knows how much longer it will last now that every time we take it to the garage, the mechanic raises his eyebrows and says "you're sure you want to spend the money on it? That's more than the car is worth."

It's not worth $300!? Crikey. If you look at it that way, a tank of gas probably costs more than it's worth.

But old Ellie Escort was my very first car and the memories of Satchel as a toddler, Jakob as a new born being brought home from the hospital, learning to drive standard, getting out of the stalled car on a hill, cursing at Paul, because I couldn't get it going, driving to London by myself one weekend and getting stuck at an intersection because once again I couldn't get the car moving (note: people in London were ever so polite, they just resigned themselves to being stuck behind me for an indefinite amount of time and not one person honked their horn or yelled obscenities at me even though it took 3 light changes to finally get the car going) and so many others, that it will very difficult to say good bye.

But...I'll get over it.


Anonymous said...

You too?
I am thinking about a new car.
Will have one soon.
Either a Civic, a Caliber or a Mazda 3.
Also venturing off to that wonderful place called Lazik Eye Surgery.
Plus have a trip to europe (Holland, France and England) planned for September.
Have a grand long weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about your car... and you too of course. :)
I was wondering how that old car was doing and I was also thinking that you've done well with the life of your car.
Congrats on the possible purchase of a new car!
I would love to know what type of car you are thinking of buying, and if it might at all be a more eco friendly type...
We often wish our 01 Windstar would transform into a SmartCar or Prius, but then where would we put the kids? :)