Saturday, May 31, 2008

Say hello to our new baby!

She is SOOOOO beautiful!

And when the salesman operated the moon roof - all of us were awed into silence. Until Jakob broke the spell by yelling "Holy crap! How did you do that?!"

Unfortunately she is not in our driveway. We opted to leave her at the Subaru dealership to get the rust protection that has a life time warranty. Little do they know we will be taking advantage of that because we do not replace our cars on a whim. Which they would have known if they had seen our Escort wagon taking a nap in the parking lot.

This little number will probably be passed down to Jakob for his 18 birthday.

Now to think of a good name - one that reflects her absolute magnificence...and heated seats.


Anonymous said...

What colour did you get?
Yup, I can imagine you and Paul snickering and poking each other as you signed for the 'life-time' protection.
Little do the unenlightened know about your penchant for holding on to cars.
(Although I have to admit to a wee bit of disappointment. I was expecting to read: "We took Jakob with us to the new car dealership last night. Upon presentation of our new vehicle he was heard to exclaim "New cars suck ass! Why are we here? Moon roof? I'll show you a moon!"....Thank god the LCBO now sells red wine with an iv drip.)

Samantha said...

I enjoy the Subaru. Especially since the "fire in the disco" commercial with the wet Sumo wrestlers.

I can't wait to tell Owen you got one. He'll be absolutely thrilled with you!!