Friday, May 09, 2008

To my family I just want to say...Good luck to you!

Q: "I am 44 years old and starting to think I’m going crazy. I have
three school-aged children and work full-time, so, granted, I am under a great deal of stress. The last six months I’ve had a few irregular menstrual cycles where I’m two weeks late for my period, and my PMS symptoms, which used to be quite mild, are worse than ever - coupled by severe mood swings. Also, I feel my level of concentration diminishing and I'm forgetting things I should not be forgetting. I
hear a lot about these things happening as a woman gets closer to menopause, but my mother says I’m a little young for this. What could be going on?"

I found this last night while googling pms symptoms and perimenopause and pretty much fell off my chair because outside of the extra child and a mother you can actually talk to about these things, it matches me perfectly!

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Anonymous said...

You can't talk to mother about this?
That quite suprises me.