Thursday, May 08, 2008

This is one of the things I love most about Satchel - his absolute appreciation for anything that I do for him...occasionally.

For example, 2 days ago I went out trying to hunt down soccer shoes. After exhausting the Yonge/Bloor area I raced home and drove to THE MOST PATHETIC MALL in all of Toronto - but which at least contains a Zellers and forces me to patron it at least once a month.

And there on the shelf was one last pair of shoes in Satchel's size and as I paid for them found out that they were 40% off so only cost me $15!

I felt like the heavens had opened and a chorus of angels were singing, celebrating my success.

I skipped out of the mall of horrors with the bad lighting, the discount furniture store, the tacky artwork shop complete with James Dean at a bar lit by tiny bulbs, the booths selling hockey cards, the orange tiling everywhere, the old people who can no longer separate themselves from the benches and raced home.

When Satchel arrived home I presented his shoes, still in the red bag, and he said that they were the most awesome pair of soccer shoes ever and then showed them off to his friends...who have absolutely no interest what so ever in soccer shoes.

And then when I said my final good night he actually said "Thank you for making this such a great day Mommy."

I'm moving in with this one when I get old.


Anonymous said...

Speakig of soccer. I will have to email pictures of Noah playing. He is having a ball and quite fun to watch too. Going to take a video of his performance next week. (Was that Duffering mall you were speaking of?)

Meg said...

No worse - Galleria Mall.

Dufferin Mall is the Holt Renfrew to Galleria's Salvation Army, complete with smell.

Would love to see the picture of Noah. Satchel made the school soccer team and Jakob screamed NOOOO, I HATE SOCCER when I asked if he would like to be signed up. If you remember, soccer season last year was one of the most painful experiences of my life!

Anonymous said...

As per your request the pictures of Noah playing soccer have been emailed.
Nothing like his cousin Jakob, Noah is enjoying his life as a soccer player.