Monday, May 26, 2008

I feel like I deserve some sort of medal or at least a t-shirt which proclaims in a bold, in-your-face font "I SURVIVED THE MAY 24 WEEKEND!"

Paul left early Friday morning on a road trip to Virginia with his sister and brother. Because I'm my own worst enemy I decided that while he was away, even though I had 2 swim classes, 1 guitar lesson and an MRI that would take up most of Saturday afternoon...and work and taking care of the kids...I would paint my bedroom. And I did and actually finished it with no paint to spare and it looks fabulous!

I painted Saturday night after the MRI and Sunday afternoon after the swim class, grocery shopping and guitar lesson. I even managed to take the kids to Toys-R-US for a quick afternoon shopping experience to reward them for having been so fabulous this weekend.

I painted the wall behind my bed Benjamin Moore's Brown Sugar (a dark brown) to make up for the lack of headboard and the rest of the walls BM Cloud White - our room now looks so much bigger, brighter and less like a university dorm room. If I'd had more time I was going to hunt down curtains and hardware, replace the old table on Paul's side of the bed and figure out art work to hang above the bed. That will have to be left for another road trip. I tried the new Aura paint which Benjamin Moore introduced this year and I must say the really quick dry time (one hour) is worth the extra money. The proclamation that most colours will cover in just one coat is far from the truth. The brown did cover in 2 coats but if I hadn't completely run out of the Cloud White I would have like to have added a 3rd coat.

The other addition to our little house is the proper bathroom mirror and light fixtures in the main bathroom. It is such a treat to be able to stand anywhere and put on make-up, brush hair, tweeze eyebrow hairs, etc. - instead of all of us getting kinks in our necks trying to position ourselves in front of the tiny mirrors we put up to temporarily hold us over until I finally figured out what I wanted to do - 18 months later.

So the MRI. It was fine, I have mastered the art of lying absolutely still for 35 minutes in what feels like a coffin. What was nicer this time was that I felt like I was going in healthy whereas last year I had the MRI just hours after finding out I needed a mastectomy. A very dark day. I don't know the situations of the other women were who were either just finishing up or waiting with me because the foundation is always Breast Cancer. One woman, who I think was a few years younger than me, was visibly upset, another woman who was older and had just finished up chemo was agitated because she was claustrophobic and had never experienced an MRI before. I just wanted it over and a really large coffee. And the needle out of my arm because with the breast MRI you're hooked up to an IV the entire time.

By last night I was exhausted and my cold had returned with a vengeance. Stupidly I decided to end my day by washing up the left over dishes before going to bed, so at 10:00pm, instead of sleeping, I'm cutting my finger open, nearly to the bone, on the knife I forgot about in the sink. I couldn't get the bleeding to stop so finally called Scott over to take a look at it to see if I needed a quick trip to the hospital for stitches. He bandaged it so tightly and then wrapped it with tape and then we waited to see if it would continue to bleed through. Now 20 hours later, I still have the ugly old bandage and tape on because I'm kind of afraid to take it off. Every time I whack it, which is all the time, I just know that it's reopening because the bandage looks a little worse. And the really awful part, aside from washing up all the blood off the floor and cabinets this afternoon that I didn't notice last night, was hearing Paul's voice in my head "I told you to stop leaving the sharp knives in the dishwater!"

All I can say is that Paul had better bring me home my order of Cheesits and also had better GUSH about how fabulous the bedroom looks...or I will be blogging about it.

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