Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This is how stupid my life is: Paul has pneumonia and we're set to move this weekend. And it's Paul's second day at his new job.

Do you ever feel like the gods are bored and have decided (just for fun) to see how much havoc they can wreck in your life before you completely snap?

Ron called; my bathroom lights from Restoration Hardware are too small for the boxes that have been installed so they need to be returned and I have to quickly find wider ones. Can I find my receipt for the fucking lights. Of course not.

The handle for the back french door is still missing. Ron is adamant that Paul took it home with the bathroom stuff (Paul didn't, it's not here - unless it's with the Restoration Hardware receipt) but I think it's more he's afraid of John's wrath because John is going to have to spend the $450 to replace it.

I'll rant later - must put away groceries, keep looking for receipt and then get kids.

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