Sunday, October 22, 2006

There only a few days left until we move home, but so much still needs to be done.

In fact, there is absolutely no way John is going to be finished on time; but really, we're tough and considering how long we've slept on that horrible double bed (just to prove how tough we are), what's not having a kitchen sink for a couple of weeks? Of course having said that, I did a bit of a pirouette in the bedroom today and put out my upper back and neck.

This afternoon I went to Ikea to look at lighting. I picked up a couple for over the island and one for the top of the stairs leading to the basement. But I'm constantly filled with self-doubt; if only I had an unlimited budget. As soon as I brought the two lights home I began to question them: Are they too big? Are they really horrible? What should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Breath, breathing is good.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to Yorkdale Mall to Homesense to check out bathroom hardware by Umbra - they have a BOGOFHO (or whatever the ridiculous acronym is).

I'm far behind on the choosing of light fixtures as I'm reminded by John and Paul. Well maybe if I had Ringo and George...never mind. I'm too tired to be witty. I still need powder room, library, top of stairs - is that it? Maybe replacements for kitchen island.

Right now I'm banned from the house so I can't take any pictures of the paint job; the staining of floors is in progress. The stainers were able to start Friday and should be finished Tuesday - a few days early. But again the self doubt nags me - I hope the chosen colour looks okay. At least I know I can always blame the breast cancer: "I was preoccupied!" I'll say to anyone who questions what we've done.

Time to go brush my teeth and get some rest - must look pretty for Dr. McCready tomorrow.

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