Sunday, November 05, 2006

We are home! And most importantly we're back sleeping in our wonderful, fantastic, comfortable, KING-SIZED bed again! After roughly 180 days, we are finally getting a good night sleep. Well, Paul may contest that since he had to up and get PNEUMONIA. But I digress.

The move was hell. HELL.

I took Friday, October 27th off to prepare for the Saturday movers. Instead of packing I spent the day running around trying to put out fires because most of our taps didn't work. Either they were defective, didn't fit, were the wrong product... Then the light fixtures didn't fit, weren't up to code, looked horrible...

Every few minutes Ron would call with another problem to solve.

Thankfully Dave & Jodie drove in from London to help for the day and Dave spent most of the time driving around with Paul which helped keep him fairly calm. And Jodie kept me company as I drove to TAPs and back and tried to find quick replacement light fixtures from neighbourhood the rain. A side note, when Paul and Dave were at TAPs, they ran in to Sarah Richardson, Jodie was a tad jealous I think. We saw no one, even though we arrived mere moments after they had left.

By the end of Friday, when all was to be done (except for a few doors installed) so we could move in comfortably on the Saturday: we had no sinks except for the laundry tub in the basement, no appliances hooked up, no stainless steel counter top on the island and the place was filthy.

I desperately tried to reschedule the movers to Sunday to give me one more day to ready myself for them but no luck, in fact just to test my sanity they showed up early.

I will write more tomorrow, I need to go reacquaint myself with the king size bed.

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