Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My boys were desperate for a proper Thanksgiving dinner so off we went to the grocery store to see what we could find.

The smallest fresh turkey weighed in at nearly 14 pounds, huge considering we are a small family of four and I knew that Jakob would have none of it. But it was fabulous and I'm sure I've gained back most of the weight I've lost over the past 4 weeks. We had turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, carrots and peas - finishing up with pumpkin pie and ice cream.

I am so incredibly full.

Fantastic news: our rental home is rented for November 1. Hopefully we will have no problems getting our deposit cheque back from the landlords as it will nicely cover the cost of the stainless steel top and sink for our gigantic new island!

The painters have worked all weekend. I think because we're tired we keep defaulting to the non-colour Cloud White. Everytime John calls us and says "we need a colour for X room," my eyes lose focus, I rest my head on my arm and say "just do cloud white."

Here is what I give thanks for: first and most importantly, my family and my friends. Without all of you my life would be such a struggle and you make this journey of mine much easier. Second: that my beautiful boys are healthy and strong. Third: that my house is nearly finished and we'll be moving back in 3 weeks and our rental house is no longer our financial burden! Finally, kind of tied with number three, that we will be back sleeping in our king sized bed once again (thank God, for that double mattress, even with the memory foam top, is killing us and we intentionally try to farm Satchel out for sleepovers just so one of us can have his bed) and we will once again have a dishwasher - and a housecleaner as soon as we find a new one.

For the record, we haven't slept in our beloved kind size for roughly 182 nights.

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