Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My apologies for the delay, I've been distracted with everything else...but there has been great progress!

We went to the house on the weekend to confirm where we wanted the dividing walls on the second floor - the boys' rooms. We also went armed with duct tape to mask out the kitchen cabinets - mainly to see how much family room space will be left. We think we have an idea for the east wall design which is a great relief, the west wall and island are finished.

I spent time at Taps on Monday afternoon trying to nail down all the details but failed miserably. Still need confirm a few things.

According to Ron, the roof will be up on Thursday and then it's all indoor work for the next few months.

Would you consider me insane to adopt a kitten during all this upheaval? I look forward to comments.

Here at long last are the pictures.

2nd floor (soon to be the boys' rooms).

Good bye window, you were never much use anyway.

Satchel in the kitchen.

The boys' new bedroom (just kidding - maybe).

View from the backyard.

Jakob in the kitchen.

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