Thursday, July 13, 2006

After receiving an urgent email from my contractor reminding me that we need a bathtub and fixtures at the house by July 24, I packed my sick son into the car and drove to his favourite place this afternoon - TAPS. Second, I should say, only to the dentist or the doctor when it's time for him to have a needle.

After screaming "I HATE THIS PLACE" over and over, and then hiding behind a bathtub display making guttural noises (finally realizing he was stuck and began screaming to be freed), we managed to find a brave soul who would help us.

St. Peter (I've elevated him to Sainthood for having to contend with Jakob) was fabulous and helped me make very quick but good choices while alternately staring at Jakob like he was from another planet, or perhaps a science experiment gone wrong. What I also really liked about Peter is that Jim Caruk from Real Reno's was competing for his attention and Peter didn't make me feel like he was blowing me off. Even though we were in the presence of a superstar contractor with his own TV show, he was very devoted to me. I must add that Jim looks better in person and slimmer then he does on TV (where I think he looks charmingly goofy).

So Jakob and I left TAPS having ordered every single bit of bathroom hardware for both the main bathroom and powder room for less than a fortune and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I think it's time for a beverage.

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