Monday, July 31, 2006

I haven't stopped by the house today but assume not much happened.

I have received two emails from John today: the first, a request for the next payment installment, and stating that windows and doors will be installed starting tomorrow and to pick out stucco, siding and eaves trough colours; the second that his hvac quote was way under (surprise) necessitating a change order for an extra $3,565.58, and when can he pick up the cheques.

I have been home today with my 2 lovely sons who hate the outdoors. Who would rather hole up in the dark playing gamecube all day. I had to drag them out in to the burning sunshine so that Satchel could be taken to his orthodontist appointment. You would think I was the worst mother in the world, exposing them to "fresh" Toronto air and light. And yet their skin didn't melt off, their eyes didn't pop out, bits and pieces didn't fall off...they were fine!

Nice thing is that Satchel no longer needs to wear a retainer - thank god, because his no longer fits and I really didn't feel like shelling out another $250. Also we don't have to go back for six months, which is great because as nice as Dr. Venditelli is, his blindingly unnatural bright white smile and spray-on tan completely unnerve me. He's one step away from turning in to George Hamilton. One other nice thing, it took roughly 25 minutes to drive home (normally a 7-minute drive) and Jakob fell asleep - and is still asleep!

When Paul goes to work out tonight, I'll have him check the house out for any improvements made and will dutifully report back.

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