Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've been home with Jakob this week - he has hand foot mouth disease. Something right out of a Dickens' novel. Next it will be Scarlet Fever and then he'll be talking with a British accent, saying "please sir, I'd like some more."

We've had a rough few days with Jakob's mouth covered in sores. He can't eat, drinking hurts and he's taken to shrieking every 20 minutes at night so I'm completely exhausted too. But having said that, last night he woke up every hour and has only shrieked a couple of times today...I think we've finally turned the corner!

Monday night, after Paul came home from work, I escaped for a couple of hours to Kim's and gave her and William a tour of the house. It was raining and the floors were soaked. But we're soldiers of sort so we climbed up to the third floor and out the window to enjoy what will one day be a fantastic deck with a south-facing view of the Toronto skyline. I didn't bring my camera since it was so wet but will take pictures on the weekend.

We are now in a crunch to order all our fixtures and appliances, I hope we can get a bathtub in time...cursed bathtub. Who knew there was such mind-numbing selection out there. All I want is a soaker tub that will allow me to escape my life periodically. I'm hoping to make it over to Taps tomorrow and pretty much order everything. Then head to Appliance Canada to find a stove, dishwasher and range hood. And then finally I shall have peace for a little while. I also had to make out a gigantic cheque tonight to John the Contractor for the replacement foundation. A cheque that brings out the battle call in me (and raises my blood pressure, has me seeing red, makes me want to drink more, etc.) whenever Paul and I talk about it.

Since this is such a sorry little posting, I will leave you with some eye candy courtesy of Kim.


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