Saturday, July 08, 2006

Paul, the kids and I stopped by the house today to meet up with John the contractor.

We have a roof! And the framing has been put in place for the boys' rooms so I was able to stand with the boys and say "Jakob, this is YOUR bedroom, isn't it amazing!" and then hop through the framing and say "Satchel, this is YOUR room, isn't it great!"

The boys once again rolled their eyes and Jakob said "Mommy can we go home, I really want to go home."

It turns out some of the framing for the bathroom is warped and rotting so needs to be replaced (which pretty much sums up everything that has been discovered in the house).

We are reconfiguring the bathroom to maximize the use of the space. Pushing the toilet over to the side of the wall with vanity and allowing for a long bathtub without encroaching on to Jakob's bedroom space. I believe this was my original design for the bathroom which had been vetoed by Paul because it involves moving the toileet stack. But I won't comment. No sirree. But I digressed, the boys' rooms look great - even Jake's is a good size with a huge window overlooking...the neighbour's wall.

Shirley and Jon are building our vanity for us from an Italian line (see Golf 22). I love it. I love that it's floating, even though I can already visualize the size of the dust balls that will take over the space. I also am THRILLED that there will be two sinks! I've sourced out the sinks and taps so outside of picking out a 66" bathtub, that room is finished.

We found the carpenter was shut down again today by a woman who lives across the laneway. I was royally pissed off, mainly because I don't know who she is and people who exhibit what I consider god complexes make me want to scream. This woman doesn't live beside us, the carpenters by law are allowed to work from 9 until 6, this is just preventing another attempt to catch up and now pushes the project's end time further into the year. I would be far more respectful if B/W or K/S had issues because they are right beside us, impacted the most.

I kind of want to find this woman.

I asked John if there was any chance the project could be finished by end of September because I know someone who would be happy to rent our place, but disappointingly he said no.

I have no pictures from today but I will enclose a picture of the new addition to our family. Haemish will arrive next Friday.

Another boy.

I have lost my mind!

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