Sunday, July 30, 2006

I went to the house today, mainly to walk through in solitude before Paul and the kids showed up and take a few pictures. Outside of the bathroom stuff showing up I really don't think much was done this past week. The plumber didn't show up as scheduled, the electrician didn't show up... so what did the guys do outside of framing the stairs leading to the basement?

(A contentious point (but then aren't all the points contentious?) between Paul and myself as I think they were finished the week before, not yesterday.) I'll take a shot in the dark on this one and say NOTHING.

Paul, Jakob and I went to Home Depot Friday night after dropping off Satchel at his friend's for a sleep-over. We have picked out a sink and a faucet. Crazily the sink is just a bit more than what John allocated and the faucet is a lot less! This makes me so happy because outside of the kitchen cabinets (and this is only because Shirley is my sister and gave me a great price), everything has been quite a bit over.

I would like to interject that I will never renovate at this scale again for many reasons...the main one being that I would probably end up in jail for manslaughter and I don't think my keen criminal attorney brother would be able to get me off. Especially since he just dropped his tractor like lawn mower on his foot resulting in 10 stitches. But then again, if the judge was a woman, who was married to a man, who went through a major renovation herself...

Yesterday we went to a stone place to check out pieces of limestone for the bathroom vanity. It would come in roughly at $1,300 - let's see what John has allocated: $400. Stupid plastic laminate. I think we bite the bullet on this one and buy the cheap stupid plastic laminate for the kitchen so we don't owe John more money in fees. In fact, I'm thinking cheap wood wrapped in tinfoil would make quite a statement.

Paul keeps burping. And not excusing himself. What is he teaching the children?

On to the pictures:

Jakob's bedroom

A view of the second floor

The back of our house and some of our Pella windows (why are the outside? We're wondering the same thing.)

The basement, still dark but look how much bigger it is!

Satchel's room.

What will one day be a fabulous 3rd floor deck!

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