Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I stopped by the house on Friday and there was great progress! We now have a foundation and a subfloor. It was amazing to see, I now have a defined space. "This is our kitchen!" I said to Satchel and Jakob. Their response was rolling their eyes. They just don't get it.

By Monday end-of-day, walls! We have walls! The kids rolled their eyes again. Be wary of doing that I warned, your eyes will stick. Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera.

When I spoke with Ray on Monday, he was in a bit of a mood. Turns out he shovelled all of the stones around the foundation and then found out the majority of the stones were meant for the basement floor. This meant that Tuesday would be spent shovelling all the stones in through the basement window, delaying the reno process by a day.

I found out today that because the weather was calling for rain, the crew didn't show up. Only Ray, shovelling the stones.

This weekend we drove in to London to talk to Shirley about the kitchen. We confirmed quite a few things, colour, hardware, counter top surface, wall of cabinets which include the appliances, the island...but I'm still struggling with the other side of the wall. This really is taking years off my life.

Here's a completely off-topic picture - for Thomas really. Arthur hanging out in a bag. This had Jakob in stitches.

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