Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am addicted to Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs and for the sake of my children, I really hope there is a 12-step program out there to help me work through it.

I think it's time to refocus on the South Beach diet too, well maybe after New Years - after all there is much indulging to do to finish this year off properly!

I took the kids to the Royal Ontario Museum today which is always a painful exercise but one I like to subject them to every so often. Fortunately they had interactive computers for the kids to use and a GIFT SHOP which saved Jakob's sanity but only by a thread. Many bitter words were muttered under his breath, and not so quietly muttered as we approached the diamond exhibit. But we survived and made our way to Paupers for a family meal of grease and questionable meat products and a pint of beer for me to wash the whole salty mess down with. Paul met up with us - poor bugger is having to work this week but is currently unconscious on the living room couch and has been for quite a few hours now.

So on to more exciting news...a love letter from Elte came in the mail today - their big end of year sale has started, discounts on everything until January 31st! I have made a promise to myself to get up early and head out by 10:00 to see what I can find. Just in case they too have the perfect nesting tables for an even better price than Crate & Barrel and perhaps a rug for the living room. Do I dare even say that out loud?

Tomorrow is a day of Elte opportunity and potential and then it's off to the Rushton with Pat & Beth for lunch and and finally we will finish the day/year ringing in the 2009 with Kim & Scott and many good friends.

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