Friday, December 19, 2008

On December 16th, Jakob the fabulous turned 7!

We had a small party with his best friend Zach, Kim & kids, Pat & Ridley and William, Brenda and Aidan. And unlike last year, not one present was ASS! A.S.S.! Everything was awesome and he was really happy - especially with the gigantic chocolate caramel cake. He has presents and a hot $10 bill in his wallet just waiting to be spent on pokemon cards. And I have already been told that we WILL be going to ToysRUs this weekend so he can buy his cards and then I can fork over another $60 to complete the pokemon play set we gave him because it is a REALLY GOOD DEAL. I love Jakob - he is the funniest, most dramatic and intense, and also the most caring person. Because this is blog post is to celebrate all things awesome about Jakob being 7, I won't mention the trying stuff, the stuff that has me rummaging through the liquor cabinet by 4pm most afternoons.

Because Jakob turned 7, over night he outgrew his winter boots and most of his clothing.

Finding a pair of size 3 boots in downtown Toronto this late in the year is not for the faint-hearted. And then to bring them home, find that they are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE as the size 2 he outgrew is enough to push the sanest person over the edge. Then returning to the madness yesterday to hopefully exchange for a size 4...well, where's that poster about booze and pills again because it pretty much sums up my mental state.

I took yesterday off work because I was walking around in a state of perpetual anxiety and hoped that having one day off before the kids are out of school (today, last day until next year so help me god) might help make me feel like I'm on top of all things Christmas. Unfortunately our back door no longer works - worked fine on Wednesday at lunch for Satchel, by 3pm no longer worked. Can't open it from the inside or outside. That became my first project of the day (after making coffee and showering - a girl MUST have her priorities) - spending the first of 90 minutes trying to find all the paperwork for our Pella products (and cursing contractor for NOT calling us back) and then the rest of the time on the phone with Pella convincing them we are legitimate customers with $10,000 worth of their product in our house and are desperate to get our back door working again UNDER WARRANTY. Sadly we will have no working back door until January 26 which is not putting me in my happy place.

What's also not putting in my happy place is that my two cats do not understand the door doesn't work and will stand at the back door staring me down and crying to be let in so that I have to leave the house from the front, walk around to the back, pick them up one at a time (usually Arthur first), walk to the front of the house, throw Arthur in, go back and get Hamish and begin again. Yesterday it was while in a white terry robe, wet hair, and biker boots...scaring the poor man dropping off a 2 pound roll of flyers.

But I did manage to get all my presents wrapped (while watching ALL ABOUT EVE - love that movie - and drinking flavoured coffee), boots exchanged for the last pair of size 4 in all of Toronto, books bought for Jakob for his stocking (Bad Kitty Gets a Bath! I love Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel - a fabulous book based on the alphabet which still makes laugh so hard I weep tears of joy especially while holding a French martini and would recommend to all parents who have kids age 2-4 and over 40) and work on my final assignment for my final class.

And as of last night, my indesign class is over - I feel so free!


bat said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jakob.
Hope you had a great and wonderful and terrific birthday.
Lots of love from the western branch of the Glover clan.