Friday, January 02, 2009

First I must wish everyone a very happy new year and that 2009 brings health and happiness and something extra fabulous of course.

My hopes for 2009 include staying healthy with no surgery (preferably ever again) and no drama. A calm year spent getting myself in better shape physically and emotionally. A year where (if possible) I am more present rather than racing through my life. I will attempt yoga and/or pilates (I've done neither but am getting A LOT of encouragement) or perhaps even Wii FIT (once I raise the chandelier which still hangs in the same spot since switching the living/dining rooms around - that would only be dangerous because with my extendo-arms, shiny glass and mirror bits plus pieces of peacock would be everywhere!).

Meanwhile as I type this, my head pounds hard with a near migraine and I think I'm going to throw up - not an auspicious start to the year.

I want to spend more quality time with Paul and the kids, building a stronger and happier family bond.

I want to curb the television or internet surfing (my guilty pleasure) and read more and to travel this year - as a family and separately with Paul. Paul and I definitely need to spend more time alone.

I also hope that my contractor stops blowing us off and comes to the house and spends the one day necessary finishing up the deficiency list so that we never have to think about him again. That our next reno project - the garage will begin in the summer - which will then open up the opportunity to finish our basement and move the children down there...forever.

And finally, try to spend more time with my mother. Probably the most difficult task (and it is a task, she takes a lot of work) of everything that I set out before myself.

I could probably keep adding to my list for the rest of the day but it would be better for all if I moved on and instead wrote about what I adopted and brought home from Pottery Barn yesterday (for 75% off!) and that I did order the nesting tables for the living room from Crate & Barrel.

A side note, Michelle who helped me at C&B told me that they will be raising all their prices - perhaps next month - because the Canadian $ is no longer on par with the US and they feel they are underpricing the product. If there is something you truly love and do not want to live without, it would make sense to pick it up sooner rather than later.

My impression with Pottery Barn was that the sales seemed to be better then in a long time and I assumed it was partly because of the economy and also because for the first time they had Crate & Barrel (in Canada) to compete with. The pieces I picked up were mostly floor models but fantastic deals: such as this set of 2 orange Natalie nesting tables for Satchels room that I have been eyeing for a while: $48 (reg. $200), they do have a few chips on one side of the small table, but he's 12 - the things will be ruined in 2 weeks;

Eton cube in green apple - not a floor model, brand new ($400 for $95) for Satch to rest his bottom while gaming for hours upon hours until I turn it off and make him cry (not a good representation of the colour, in fact it's really not as hideous as it looks in the picture - it's not beautiful but it is for a 12 year old boy's bottom after all);
and finally a beautiful little woven seagrass stool (no picture to be found sadly) which will be moved to the bathroom but for now makes a handy little table to place my coffee while waiting for the nesting tables from Crate & Barrel.

Now off to rummage through my left over Tylenol 3 bottle (there are some perks to surgery) and poor myself another cup of coffee while I ponder my 2009 resolutions.

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