Sunday, December 28, 2008

I went to my happy place this afternoon with a few hundred thousand of my closest friends: Crate & Barrel ( The sun shone brighter the day they made their way north and this was my first time visiting. All previous attempts THWARTED by the lack of parking at Yorkdale Mall. I would drive up enthusiastically, becoming increasingly bitter the more times I circled through the various parking lots and then in absolute frustration, drive home. Today I took the subway.

The problem with taking the subway though is that it amounts to dangling a carrot in front of a mule. Sure I could see all the beautiful things they had to offer, but could I take them home with me? So home I headed armed with discounted decorations and tea towels. But I will be back, oh yes, I will be back. For there are Nero Nesting Tables I am considering. "What?" says Paul. "What the #*$& are nesting tables?"

These, I say, are nesting tables. Feast your eyes.

And look at the description, how could you not want them?

Handcrafted in striking detail, natural black fossil stone and antiqued nickel form modern rounds in two nesting sizes. Each unique tabletop is a patchwork of subtly varied, rustic black stone. Hand-forged bases of hot-rolled steel with hammered corners and ball feet are nickel-plated and hand-antiqued for added individuality. Larger table base is open to accommodate its smaller counterpart.

* Natural black fossil stone with heat- and water-resistant polylite seal
* Hand-forged, hot-rolled steel bases with antiqued nickel plating and poly-vinyl top coat
* Large table measures 19"dia.x24"H, small is 15"dia.x22"H

Something to ponder as I drink a glass of wine and watch Futurama with the boys.

One last note regarding finding the fabulous circle stickers I decorated Jakob's room with: if you live in Canada check out DeSerres, a Toronto-based art store ( for a really good selection and they will ship (perhaps to the States as well, I didn't dig that deeply).

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