Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am completely hungover (see following) but rather than sleep in preparation for tonight's party and tomorrow's hangover I finally dusted off my camera and took a few promised shots.

Here is the most fabulous gingerbread man (far superior to the feeble attempts at creating blood splattered zombie men by the boys in my life):

and the (best spent $33) circle stickers used to transform Jakob's room:

Now, time for a nap.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the lovely wall art? Is there a website? That is my kind of ART. Looks GREAT!
I'm just about to paint my master bedroom and I would love something for my accent wall. Oh this could be trouble. I have so many untouched walls that I could have fun with. Crossing my fingers that this stuff is avail to me in O town.

Meg said...

I picked the stickers up at De Serres art store in Toronto (actually at the one of the kind craft show where they always have a kiosk) but if you go to their web site ( they have a fabulous selection online which you could have shipped. I have also seen a small selection at Chapters/Indigo (Eaton's Centre, Toronto location only) but not for a few months.

They are fabulous and so easy to apply and come with the promise not to damage paint when removed.