Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thursday night was the spring concert at Satch & Jake's school. Satch is part of the steel pan band and was playing that night - he was fantastic.

I took Jakey, who truly enjoyed himself. Appreciating all that is magical about the evening - the music, the dancing, the singing, the speeches...

He spent the entire time playing gameboy. I swear he'd have a seizure if I took it away from him. The threat alone reduces him to a quivering emotional mess. It's all I have on him.

Friday morning, Satchel woke with a stomach bug (diarrhea). He was very upset and wanted me to spend time with him in the bathroom as he purged and cramped. I didn't. Like a good (sane) mother, I went back to bed and listened to him kvetch. Then he mentioned his underwear which was covered in poo and waiting in the bathtub. I dragged my sorry body out of bed and checked it out - then went to his bedroom to check his bedding. It was clean but there was a suspicious mini pile of brown stuff on his carpet. He left poo on his carpet. How he managed that took me a while to figure out.

I ended up staying home with him, really missing work and the Friday office lunch, and listened to him whimper "why me, why ME!!!! make it stop Mommy..." By 1ish he was asking to go for a bike ride and again as the good mother that I am said "No, you're sick remember?" I was still bitter about losing another vacation day, cleaning poo off the white carpet and missing the office lunch and my favourite vanilla latte that keeps me going through the mornings at work.

At 1:45 I had an appointment to take Arthur to the vet for suture removal. Off I carried him to find out that poor scar face would live up to the moniker for another week. Poor guy - I don't think he's going to last much longer. I thought I found him dead today on my bed - he was just staring, not moving, not blinking. It was kind of freaky and made me realize how much I'll miss him - the little fancy ass that he is.

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