Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm sitting with my cup of coffee trying to get motivated to go to Paul's sister's in Pickering.

I normally try hard to avoid leaving the city when the destination is the white-bread culturally-void suburbs but today I have no choice. That may sound harsh but I feel like I'm entering the twilight zone when I pull in off the highway: everything looks the same but you just know that behind the blue eyes of the white-haired children evil lurks. And if I did make the leap and live there I'd probably never see my children again because I would only get confused after work and move in to a different house each night. BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

It's why I try to avoid the 3rd floor of my office - sure it looks exactly the same but I'm always left a little uneasy.

I haven't addressed my house lately. My mission is to get mirrors for the 2 bathrooms which I'm finding as difficult as it was figuring out lighting. I just can't find a mirror I like for the powder room and with the main bathroom, the electricians fucked up ("Not my fault, not my responsibility, I can have it fixed but will have to charge you" says my evil contractor) and the lights were placed exactly where the mirror should go. Now I have to have an electrician come back to the house and move the lights so I can actually put mirror(s?) up over the sink.

I have a splinter in my hand - Jakob is giving me advice on how to remove it. It sounds a little suspect but I might just give it a try. His method involves hot water, salt and magic twisters (I think he means tweezers) and then it will just heal itself. Genius.

Jakey was very cute the other day. I picked up running shoes from the Gap for him (great sale on boys clothes, pants for Satchel - $9.00, cool running shoes for Jakey - $6.00). He said they were trick shoes and kept performing his special tricks (ninja-like moves) for everyone to see: the people in the park, the caregivers and teachers at school, his friends. The crowds were awed in to silence.

I better get my a** in gear and have shower. One should be clean for the suburbs and make my salad, and grab my children and go - I'm obviously procrastinating.

God, Jakob is trying to barter his going to clone world by saying if I play Teen Titans on the gamecube with him he will go. If he knew the words "under duress" I'm sure that would have come up too.

One last quick note: Satchel participated in an exhibition of photographs, taken by his digital photography class, at a neighbourhood gallery. Paul and I stopped by Friday afternoon to see the work (in between a cocktail at the Rushton - I had a broken heart martini, Paul a beer) and taking Arthur for suture removal at the vet. The exhibit was great, based on the kids' take on urban life using pin hole cameras and digital. Always interesting to see what 5' tall and under find fascinating. As some of the boys get closer to puberty, girls start to be a favourite subject matter - no surprise there.

Now I really have to get going!

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