Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Outside of my chest mound and it's southbound migration, I want to announce that Jenifer gave birth this morning to Maya Peyton Brownstein at 1:40 am and the beautiful little girl weighed in at 6lb 15 oz and was 20" long. I stopped by the hospital after work today and she is absolutely gorgeous and Jen, outside of being tired, doesn't look like she just had a baby - she looks fabulous.

Arthur is still at the vets and will be there for days - the amount is increasing steadily, probably close to $1,000 now for the final bill. His surgery is scheduled for either Thursday or Friday. I can't believe they have to operate in order to close a wound - I say pin him down, save me the hundreds of dollars and slap a bandage on him. Come on! Get the staple gun out, they've done it to biggy.

I'm exhausted, possibly encouraged by the 2 pints I had at Paupers. Well deserved after taking the kids to my hair stylist for cuts. Jakey was very funny - he seriously enjoyed the hair wash/massage experience. I wish I had had my camera with me so that I could have shown the world Satchel and Jakob side by side at the hair washing station, both experiencing something tantamount to ecstasy.

But since I didn't have my camera, instead I'll scare you with a couple of pictures of me and one of Jakey in the bath.

I know what you're thinking - GO TO BED MEG, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - GET SOME SLEEP!

I'm going already.

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