Friday, May 25, 2007

I am so ridiculously sore and banged up, I'm also a little bit hung over...and I have a big hive on my face.

I fell down the back steps yesterday (really must stop doing that). Jakob and Aidan had spilled bubble solution all over and I came out with a glass of milk for Satch and whoosh! My right arm now is skinned, my left elbow burned and all down the left side of my back and butt is raw and bruised.

As I lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs, Paul asked if I was okay. I yelled "NO!" because it truly was the most stupid question ever and then swore a blue streak. Finally I dragged my sorry - but fortunately unbroken - body back to my outdoor chair and poured a nice little rose in to my wine glass. I didn't move for a while. There were also desserts courtesy of Kim's cleaning woman beside me so to make myself feel better, I also stuffed my face with flaky pastries with cherry gelatinous goo.

I just remembered that I left J*** the contractor a message on the weekend asking when we're supposed to provide the deficiency list - strangely (I type sarcastically) we haven't heard from him. Hmmm, funny that.

Today is Target Breast Cancer day so I am proudly wearing my target breast cancer tank top. Unfortunately I am also the only person in the downtown core it seems wearing the t-shirt. The obscure advertising (Roots and very select magazines) must have been a little on the weak side. The tank top is cute - the bulls-eye kind of mirrors the look of the hive on my face.

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