Thursday, December 07, 2006

Excellent news!

I had my first post-op appointment with Dr. Lipa (my plastic surgeon) today and she had a copy of my pathology report: the cancer was contained in the breast, there was no spreading to the lymph nodes. But it was close, 0.09 mm close. A number which had me mixing Baileys in to the left-over coffee when Paul and I returned from the hospital.

House news: not so wonderful. Blown off again by both painters and Ron. At least the heating guys came and installed the humidifier. And there is an advantage to looking like death, the younger one brought up all the recycling bins to my front porch for me.

Time to get another needle for the old voodoo doll.

But I can't describe how relieved I am, now I only have to focus on healing...and harassing the contractor.

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