Friday, December 22, 2006

3 days until Christmas.

I don't know whether to hide myself away in my bedroom, rest my head on my arms and weep, open a bottle of many options but so much to do. And I feel helpless and frustrated. Thankfully all of my presents are wrapped. I have spent so many hours in purgatory, I mean the filthy attic, wrapping the gifts that once finished I finally emerged and told Satchel that every present he gets this year I thought of, I bought and I wrapped...and he had better be thrilled. PMS is a dangerous time.

I'm sitting here at my island in a bathrobe and drinking tea. I'm not feeling great today - my head hurts, I have a cold, my period is starting, my chest mound hurts, I'm not sum up, I feel like crap.

FIrst I have to tell you that I actually made it to my sons' Christmas concert at the school. I was thrilled! Jakob sang three songs with his kindergarten class (there is nothing more adorable than seeing the little ones perform - especially Jakob when he decided he was hot in his sweater and started stripping off on stage and then wrapped the sweater around his head like a turban until a teacher finally reached over and took it away), Satchel sang 2 songs with his class and he was selected for the steel drum band and performed for the first time in front of an audience. They were both fantastic.

John the contractor came over to walk through the house and complete the final deficiency list. We both buried the hatchet - in a way men do, we avoided the whole issue that we had as if it never happened. I being the bigger person, even offered him a glass of wine. Once the barn door is complete, the amount of work that still needs to be done could be completed in roughly a day. And then, this nasty, financially destroying event will be over. OVER! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for mid-January,

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