Thursday, December 14, 2006

Big fight with the contractor yesterday.

He casually tried to slip in that he will be billing us the cost for having the two doors restained - and quite a bit of money especially since he'd be tacking on his 21% change order fee and GST on top of the $300. I LOST IT.

I ended up writing a not very nice email saying we refused to pay the amount; that it was his fault, he's our contractor and we should be able to request a colour and get the colour we asked for, not get the completely wrong colour and then have to pay to fix it. I didn't include "you fucker" though I really wanted to.

He wrote back the nastiest email ever - even trying to bully us by saying he'll take the doors away and replace them with commercial grade and how he took a special interest in our project and has gone beyond the call of duty, and it wasn't his was NASTY. I felt like saying "good luck using the doors on another project, considering they are SCRATCHED."

I was completely enraged and of coursed forwarded the whole exchange to my friend who was shocked by his behaviour and said that was the last straw for her, she will not be having him bid on a project for her.

Paul sent an email placating him and he responded "fine, we'll split the amount." I said "fine, whatever, I want this DONE."

I am sick of him and sick of the whole process. They were supposed to be finished November 15 and here we are approaching Christmas. God help the people he doesn't take a special interest in.

If I end up having a couple glasses of wine tonight - I just might have to post the whole exchange.

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