Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Saturday came and with it 3 movers and a not as big truck as I was led to believe. Paul's brother also joined us and his brother-in-law showed as well.

We were not ready. Paul went to the house with a car load of stuff and to await the arrival of the movers. I watched the kids, packed and coordinated the movers from this end. Yves (Paul's brother) packed kitchen stuff and then would ferry car loads to the house. Absolute madness.

Meanwhile, the plumber never showed up, the sub-contractor was at the house trying to finish a few things up before the movers came - it was a really horrible day. By the time the movers left, at just after 3 in the afternoon, we were all exhausted emotionally and physically.

And here are a few pictures to what we arrived at:

One (exceptionally beautiful) kitchen with no island top, sink or appliances.

But at least we are home and even with all the inconveniences, we are so happy to be here.

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