Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More house news...I just couldn't resist throwing the images of Haemish in to the blog.

The appliance installers came Monday so that we finally had, well, appliances. They were twins: Dave & Bill. Their company: Twin Installations. They were hysterical - both heavily in to online poker. Dave was more fun than Bill, Bill was going through poker withdrawal.

The plumber finally showed up on Tuesday to connect the powder room sink so that we now had 2 sinks: the basement and the powder room. The main bathroom taps that were supposed to arrive Tuesday at TAPs did not show up until Thursday morning - the day the stainless steel guy showed up and also the plumber. By Thursday night we now had access to all sinks and a dishwasher and a washing machine. Thursday night was spent clearing all the dirty dishes that had piled up since Saturday.

Friday night we had our first guests over for drinks and take out: Kim & Scott from next door and Lauraine from work. It felt wonderful to be able to entertain - even amongst the dirt and the boxes.

Saturday our contractor left for Disneyland.

Sunday we began to compile our list of everything we are not happy with and what still needs to be done, it's quite a long list.

I'm going to start clearing off the island so I can take a few more pictures.

Before I go though, I must show you the green both Satch and Jakob chose for their bedroom. I have to avert my eyes every time I walk in to their rooms. I limited it to one wall each. This is taken before the carpeting was installed - also last Friday, before the move. Both greens are the same, more close in colour to the lime in Jakob's pictures vs. the picture of Satchel's room.

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