Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've just cut off all my hair - I look a little like Jamie Lee Curtis. I also bought a bottle of hair bleach so will hopefully look less like Jamie (no offense Jamie, but my looking like you also means I look a bit like a transvestite) and more like Madonna during her girlie show tour.

Lots of excitement going on at the house. Today was the beginning of the excavation so with three dump trucks lined up, the excavator and the skid steer began to dig. Unfortunately the skid steer broke down.

The neighbours marvelled at the skill of the dump truck drivers in how they maneuvered through the narrow lane way and managed not to take out their garages. I feel like quite the celeb as different people approach me, commenting on the project. I'm always a bit apprehensive, fearing they're really out to get me because of the early morning noise and commotion and are ready to make me pay...big time.

Pat, Ridley & Griffin came over for dinner. Ridley marked his territory outside as any 3 year old boy would do. Jakob tried to bite Paul in retaliation for refusing him popsicles so had a 5 minute time out and screamed the entire time. I drank, Pat popped Advil. No dying of my hair was done, I think I'll wait until Saturday morning so it's nice and filthy.

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