Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday was a vicious day.

The quote for reinforcing the existing foundation was much higher (over 150% higher!) than was initially estimated by John. So much higher that I became completely depressed at work and couldn't talk to anyone. I am so stressed right now I can barely breath.

And today it's raining, pissing down rain without reprieve. A completely depressing day. Pat came over and helped me blonde my hair but instead of looking like Madonna from her Girlie Show Tour which I had hoped, it turned a horrible yellow colour that I hated in the early 80s when I would also bleach my hair. It reminded me of a time when an old friend from school, who is now on TV bleached, my hair. He covered my hair with a bag, took a blow dryer to it, I think it took 3 times what the box suggested. But it was great! A wonderful platinum blonde colour. I should have used a bag.

I hate it so much that I passed on going to an office party with Paul and will instead sit at home again with my kids, eating too much snack food, drinking way too much wine, and continuing to feel sorry for myself.

Back to the house. The excavator continued digging all day Friday. The hole would make a spectacular swimming pool. My friend Eve suggested that we should leave it a pool and keep the house as it. Rearranging the rooms of course now that the house is half the size. And then instead of camp the kids could come to my house everyday. And I would charge them camp fees and help pay off my ridiculous renovation costs.

Here's a shot of sad little me with my yellow hair. My battery just died on my digital camera so I didn't have the opportunity to keep taking pictures until I actually had a flattering shot.

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